key management and barcode

Key management and barcode

Key management and barcode -The key management software TSObjectkey and TSKEY are supporting barcodes. This includes the QR Code, Code 128, EAN, and PDF 417. As this key management software can be extended, additional barcodes can be supplemented upon request. Keys can be identified by means of barcode, the barcode can be searched for. You can assign a free, own barcode per key, but you can also create a unique one from the program.

The bar codes can be displayed in the program, changed and output to a printer. A standard commercial printer (Brother QL 500) and a simple USB barcode scanner were used to test the software.

In the list view for the keys, you can see at a glance whether a key is assigned to a barcode. Via the context menu, you directly reach the dialog with the barcode functions. As always with the key management TSKEY and TSObjectkey, the barcode functionality is also an extension. You can use these features, but it is not a must.

It is planned that the barcodes will also be implemented for other elements such as cylinders, doors or objects.


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