Managing Locking Systems

Managing locking systems

Managing Locking Systems – With modern key management software, such as the TSObjectkey 5 key management system, you can easily and quickly manage locking systems. Keys and cylinders can be assigned to a locking system or removed from a locking system. Creating and managing locking systems A locking plan is created for a locking system. The functional …

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key management database

Key management database

Key management database – A modern key management such as TSObjectkey saves the necessary information in a database. A modern database is used, which meets all requirements for scalability and low-maintenance operation. The key management database allows the TSObjectkey 5 software to perform complex and fast queries, thus ensuring that the user of such software can …

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Key locks cylinder

Which key could lock cylinder x?

Key locks cylinder – A full package of changes for the key management TSObjectkey and TSKey is available under the slogan “Extension of reporting”. With this package of reports, more than 30 reports are available for TSObjectkey key management. In particular, the area “assigned key” to a system, key of an object, key of a locking system or …

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key management and barcode

Key management and barcode

Key management and barcode -The key management software TSObjectkey and TSKEY are supporting barcodes. This includes the QR Code, Code 128, EAN, and PDF 417. As this key management software can be extended, additional barcodes can be supplemented upon request. Keys can be identified by means of barcode, the barcode can be searched for. You can assign a free, own …

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